How to Value a Company Using Discounted Cash Flow? (FREE Download: Intrinsic Value Calculator)
By Vic the Insider,August 21st, 2020

Knowing how to use Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model to value a company is the Top Number 1 Core Skill in the world of Investing, and as well as Corporate Finance. No matter if you wanna build a career in the Investment Banking, or a Hedge Fund Equity Analyst, or even just a part time retail investor, DCF is the single most important must-have foundation to help you achieve your goal.

So in this video, I will deep dive into Discounted Cash Flow (DCF Model), and help you guys truly master it. Also, I will do a Valuation Case Study on Apple’s stock.

⏱ Timestamps:
00:00 — Intro & Content Summary
00:56 — Understand How Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Works
04:58 — Step by Step – Build a Discounted Cash Flow Model
11:24 — Summary
13:35 — Outro & Channel Summary

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Vic the Insider
My name is Vic, a former Investment Banking Analyst at Credit Suisse. My mission for this channel is to create captivating educational contents to help you get 1% smarter each day in the complex world of Finance (without wasting your time).
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