From Stocks to Options to Crypto – New Host Joins CWT · Ian Cox
Posted Under: Podcast, 1 year ago

Learn more about Ian, our new host from Seattle, Washington.

He is joining Tessa on the podcast through a special interview that aired in early May on an episode from the Affirmations for Traders Podcast hosted by Tessa earlier in the year, and brought to you again right here.

Trading and investing since the mid-90s, Ian Cox eventually worked his way towards success which afforded him early retirement, financial and time freedom. Of course it wasn’t all smooth sailing as you’ll learn in this interview.

It never is. Passionate about the financial markets, Ian continues to expand his horizons by continuing to stay curious, learn and grow, even as a veteran trader.

He currently still trades stocks and options, but Crypto is what really captivates him these days which you’ll also hear about his perspective on this in this special episode.

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