Valet Driver Turns $20K into $11Mil over 6 years After Wipe Out · Jack Kellogg
Posted Under: Podcast, 1 year ago

Starting out juggling multiple jobs as a valet driver, firefighter and entrepreneur, Jack Kellogg at 18 years of age about 6 years ago dreamed of financial freedom, became laser-focused on saving money and learned everything he could about the stock market before turning to penny stocks.

Jack’s intense drive for success pushed his mental and physical health to unhealthy levels as he managed hundreds of trades, and at times in illiquid, unregulated securities that often saw hundreds of percent increases, quickly followed by spectacular collapses within just a few weeks.

This multifaceted discussion takes us inside Jack’s journey, which was met with setbacks and struggles, along with wisdom gained earlier than usual for someone so young.

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