Transparent Pricing: Only a one-time setup fee of 2.5% of your capital and profit-sharing from your earnings. No recurring costs—you only pay us from your profits!

If you need assistance, please contact our friendly support team using contact form, or whatsapp at 9650072070. We’re here to help, and promise a smile with every chat.

All buying and selling of shares will happen in your own brokerage account. You will not pay anything to TrustyBull apart from the one-time setup fee and profit share.

A one-time setup fee of 2.5% of your capital gets Bulls Eye up and running for lifetime usage. No recurring charges—just set it up once and let Bulls Eye work its magic!

We take a 30% share of the profits made by your trades with Bulls Eye. As your account grows older or you increase your capital, this share can be reduced. We succeed when you succeed!

You’ll receive an invoice for profit settlement, which you can claim as an expense for tax purposes.

We recommend starting with a minimum capital of ₹2 lakh to maximize the benefits of Bulls Eye.

Deposit 10% of your trading capital into your TrustyBull wallet to start trading. This ensures you have sufficient funds to settle our profit share. We will debit our profit share directly from your TrustyBull wallet.

Disclaimer: TrustyBull is not a registered financial advisor. The trades displayed are generated by our software, which you can access through a purchased license. Information provided is for educational purposes only and not intended as financial advice. Trading involves risks, and it's your responsibility to assess and manage these risks. Use TrustyBull software, indicators, and signals at your own risk. Read the full disclaimer here.

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