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1. THE 'SMART MONEY' SOFTWARE - Instant access to this web-based software (no installation required) that works on equity, derivatives, commodity, forex, cyptocurrencies etc.

2. MOBILE ALERTS - You will receive a notification on your phone for every activity i.e. software buy sell signals, change in hidden gems or penny stock portfolio etc.

3. TRAINING ROOM - Expert advice, tutorials, workshops, webinars, tips, tricks etc. available only for members.

4. OPTION BUILDER - This tool is a paradise for option players - Create option spreads, option strategies and P&L zone before entering into the trade.

5. PORTFOLIO TRACKER - It makes it easy to manage your portfolio - log all of your trades, view open & closed positions, profit and loss etc.

6. OPTION SPREADS - Our option spreads aim to generate 15-20% monthly returns with limited risk and very few trades. Our spreads are directionless which means we make money even if we're wrong about market direction. But if we're right, then we make even more money.

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