Why Do You (Always) Lose Money in the Stock Market?
By Vic the Insider,September 4th, 2020

Struggle with making money in the stock market but have no clues why? Do you found yourself always lose money in the stock market while other people seem to make money all the time? Well, you are not alone. In this video, I will use a mathematical example to show you the dirty little secret of the stock market and why it’s originally designed for majority of the new investors to lose money. Also, I will share some of the extremely important investing tips for new beginners too. Hope it helps.

00:00 — Intro & Content Summary
00:48 — A Simple Coin Game with a “Dirty Secret”
05:04 — How Casino (legally) Rigged the game
07:47 — What It Means to the Stock Market Investing
10:37 — Important Advise for Beginner Investors

About Instructor
Vic the Insider
My name is Vic, a former Investment Banking Analyst at Credit Suisse. My mission for this channel is to create captivating educational contents to help you get 1% smarter each day in the complex world of Finance (without wasting your time).
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