Ideal For Busy Or Advanced Traders
Experience the phenomenal power of Bulls Eye: 850%+ Return On Investment, 80% Win Rate in just 20 trades!

Experience automated trading with our profit-sharing Bulls Eye software, rigorously backtested on TradingView for consistent profitability over 10 years, requiring a minimum capital of ₹20 Lakhs to start enhancing your returns.

There's a one-time setup fee to get your automated trading software, Bulls Eye, up and running. This fee covers the setup and activation of the software, making sure it's customized to your trading needs.

We operate on a profit-sharing basis, taking a 30% share of the profits made by your trades with Bulls Eye. This model ensures that we're motivated to help you succeed, as our earnings are tied to yours.

You'll need to deposit 10% of your trading capital into your TrustyBull wallet to start trading with Bulls Eye. This deposit acts as a reserve for settling profits and ensures you have enough funds for trading.

We suggest opening a separate trading account specifically for algorithmic trading with Bulls Eye. This makes it easier for us to monitor and manage your automated trades, providing a clear view of your trading activity.

Get started with a minimum capital of ₹20 Lakhs and watch our algorithm work its magic, aiming to significantly enhance your investment returns.

Our strategy has been rigorously backtested on TradingView, the world's largest and most secure charting platform, consistently showing profitability over the last 10 years.

If you're interested, please contact us using this link, or send an email to or whatsapp at 9650072070.

Disclaimer: TrustyBull is not a registered financial advisor. The trades displayed are generated by our software, which you can access through a purchased license. Information provided is for educational purposes only and not intended as financial advice. Trading involves risks, and it's your responsibility to assess and manage these risks. Use TrustyBull software, indicators, and signals at your own risk. Read the full disclaimer here.

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